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Steps to prepare you to see your doctor over video.

LCH currently offers Telehealth consultations. We will contact you by a phone call or text with instructions for your Telehealth consultation.

To ensure a successful visit please verify that you are using the right device and have the right software.

We recommend Apple or Android devices if you are going to use a phone or tablet for the video Telehealth consultation.

  • Apple devices have the Safari App installed by default. Safari will work with the Telehealth software we use. 

  • Android has the Chrome App installed by default. Chrome will work with the Telehealth software we use. 

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What to expect

1. On the day of your scheduled Telehealth consultation, you will receive a reminder by text with a link to join the video Telehealth consultation. This text will be sent to the default mobile number we have on file for you. When it’s time for your appointment, please click on the link to start the video Telehealth consultation with your provider. 

what to expect1.png

2. When you click on the link you should be asked or prompted to allow your camera and microphone to be used during this Telehealth consultation. It is important that you click on the black button that says: "Allow microphone and camera" in order for the visit to work correctly. If your provider has not joined the call, or is not read you will be asked to hold in what we call the virtual waiting room. You will be guided to ensure that your microphone and camera are set up properly. 


3. Please kindly note that your doctor will be joining you on video unless a phone consultation was agreed to. We prefer that you use video if possible. Please dress appropriately. Pick a comfortable location, if you are sharing private information you may want to have your visit in a private area.

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