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Livingston Community Health is proud to parter with Artera to directly connect with patients via SMS. 


Benefits of Artera texting:

  • Schedule Appointments: Text directly with LCH staff to schedule your appointment

  • Confirmation: Get appointment confirmation
  • Reminders: Our messaging system will text you to remind you of upcoming appointments.
  • ​Direct Line: Get in touch with our staff to ask questions about your appointments​​

  • Provider Updates: Get updates on your provider's availablity

  • & More!

How to schedule an appointment:

  1. Text 209-850-300 with your name and request to schedule an appointment. 

Example: "Hello this is Jane Doe. I would like to schedule an annual physical with Livingston Community Health."​

  1. ​Staff will reply that they have received your request and will work with you to find availability.

  2. Once scheduled, you will receive a text confirmation.

  3. You will also receive a reminder text 24 hours before your appointment.

  4. Should you have any changes, you can contact the team via text to make adjustments.

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